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The Yoruba Hymn Book by Christ Apostolic Church presents 374 hymns, chants, and songs of the Yoruba people. The hymn book is available as a downloadable PDF file. The principal languages of this specific hymn book are Yoruba and English, with supplementing languages like Portuguese, German, Spanish, Afrikaans and more. There are some special editions including one for Nigerian children with simplified language to make it easier for them to understand their history in regards to the mass immigration that occurred in the country during colonialism. The book is available for free download in the internet.The Yoruba are one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria, with their own language, religion, and history. The book contains over 370 gospel songs. Church service songs are written in both English and Yoruba while hymns and praise chants are written only in Yoruba. The faith of the people of the Yoruba faith is expressed in some of these poems and songs found on this hymn book. Worship: Worship is one aspect of the Christian life since it serves as an opportunity to experience reverence through an act of worship offered to God through song, dance, reading from the Bible, or reciting ancient prayers such as The Lord's Prayer. So many people have been led to the Lord through the power of songs, hymns, and prayers. The hymn book consists of over 350 songs in Yoruba with English translation. The songs are written by God's Spirit and are very encouraging, so many believers can read their way through this book. Contained also is general knowledge about the origins of Yoruba culture, its unique language and commonalities with other African cultures. Some times it becomes difficult to understand why there is so much ignorance surrounding our culture and heritage because of colonialism which shamed us into shunning our unique history and way of life under the guise that we were savages. When as a child you are not given the opportunity to read your own history you become completely dependent on your oppressor to teach you about yourself, this was how it happened to us as a people.In the Yoruba language "GOD" is known as Olorun or Olofin, but he is also referred to as Olori Olofin, meaning God the supreme being and source of all things. The book primarily contains songs about praising God and his works done for humanity.

The book primarily contains songs about praising God and his works done for humanity.
1. Now Lord, You are indeed the God who has turned this world into a picture of Yourself. 2. Christ, You are the God who has fulfilled His promise to deliver us from all trouble and suffering.
3. O Lord, I am a widow and my husband is a poor man.
4. I am a mother and my child is naked without shoes or socks.
5. I am a widow and my husband is sleeping under the earth because of famine.
6. I am a widowed woman who has no one to feed her children because her husband died.


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